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We continually make changes to our menu, so this is a good example of what we make but it is not a total listing.  Many of our cupcakes are seasonal. Any cupcake flavor can be exchanged for a cake flavor as well.
E-mail or call if you have questions about which ones are seasonal.

 *Requires Refrigeration 
**Cannot be made in petite versions


BEACH: Filled with vanilla cream, topped in vanilla buttercream then rolled in shortbread crumbs.

BOSTON CREAM:  filled with Vanilla Cream dipped in Chocolate Ganache

BUTTERFINGER:  Swirled with vanilla buttercream rolled in Butterfinger candy pieces drizzled with chocolate ganache.

**CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH:  Cake w/chocolate chip cookie baked inside & topped w/vanilla buttercream & a cookie on top

CHOCOLATE COVERED TWINK-EE:  Filled w/marshmallow & topped w/chocolate buttercream & more mallow

**CONFECTIONARY'S CASSADA: Filled w/Bavarian cream & toped w/fresh strawberries & vanilla buttercream Celebration: Topped in orange almond buttercream

JUST NILLA:  Topped w/vanilla buttercream & sprinkles

NILLA CHOCOLATE CHIO:  Filled w/chocolate chips & topped w/vanilla buttercream

NILLA & CHOCOLATE  Topped w/chocolate buttercream & sprinkles .

**PEACHY KEEN CASSADA: Filled w/Bavarian cream topped w/ring of vanilla buttercream & fresh peach compote

**PEANUT BUTTER EXSPLOSION: Topped w/chopped peanut butter cups &  chocolate ganache + more peanut butter cups

POLKA DOTS:  Topped w/vanilla buttercream & rolled in mini M&Ms

SUGAR COOKIE: Topped w/sugar cookie buttercream & a decorated sugar cookie

STRAWBERRY CRUNCH: Filled with strawberry buttercream, topped in vanilla buttercream & rolled in a mixture of freeze-dried strawberries and shortbread cookie crimbs


COOKIES & CREAM:  Topped w/vanilla buttercream

**OREO OVERLOAD: Baked over an Oreo cookie, topped w/vanilla buttercream & cookie crumbs

PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOM: Filled w/chocolate buttercream & topped w/peanut butter buttercream .

**PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY:  Filled with grape or strawberry jelly & topped w/peanut butter buttercream Peanut Butter’n Chocolate: Topped w/chocolate buttercream

PERFECTLY PEANUT BUTTER:  Topped w/peanut butter buttercream

COCONUT:  Filled with coconut in the batter & topped w/vanilla buttercream & coconut flakes

**COCONUT CREAM PIE:  Filled w/coconut cream filling topped w/mascarpone buttercream & sprinkled w/toasted coconut

COCONUT MANGO: Filled w/mango buttercream & topped w/coconut buttercream

COCONUT RASPBERRY:  Filled w/raspberry compote & topped w/vanilla buttercream & sprinkled w/coconut

COCONUT RASPBERRY MALLOW:  Filled w/mallow & raspberry filling & topped w/vanilla buttercream & topped w/coconut, mallow & raspberry

CHOCOLATE COVERED COCONUT: Topped w/chocolate buttercream rolled in coconut

PINA COLADA: Filled with Pineapple buttercream, topped in pina colada buttercream with toasted coconut shavings and a cherry on top

COCONUT RASPBERRY KEY LIME: Filled with raspberry compote swirled in raspberry and key lime buttercream 

MIMOSA: Swirled in orange buttercream


**APPLE PIE ALA MODE: Filled with apple pie filling swirled in vanilla buttercream with more apple pie filling in the middle.

**CINNAMON MAPLE FRENCH TOAST & BACON: Infused with maple syrup & swirled in maple buttercream drizzled with more maple syrup then dusted in powdered sugar and topped with sliced candied bacon.

CINNAMON MAPLE FRENCH TOAST: Infused with maple syrup & swirled in maple buttercream & maple syrup dusted in powdered sugar.

**CINNAMON PECAN ROLL: Vanilla cake with cinnamon and pecans folded in the batter, topped with vanilla buttercream, rolled in buttered pecans.

FRENCH TOAST: Infused with maple syrup, topped in cinnamon buttercream drizzled in maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar.

SNICKERDOODLE: Topped with cinnamon buttercream & a dusting  of cinnamon sugar

(made with fresh bananas)
SIMPLY BANANA: Banana cake topped with banana buttercream 

BANANAS: Mixed with fresh bananas & topped in banana buttercream

Banana Cake with chocolate chips and pecan pieces folded into the batter filled
with Vanilla Cream Swirled with vanilla
buttercream with pecan pieces and
chocolate chips sprinkled on top


*BANANA CREAM PIE: Banana Cake filled with a Banana
Mousse swirled with Marscapone
Whipped Cream with shortbread
cookie crumbs sprinkled on top

BANANA N' PEANUT BUTTER: Swirled with peanut butter buttercream garnished with a banana chip.

BANANAS FOSTER: Filled with dulcé de leché caramel swirled with cinnamon and vanilla buttercream drizzled in caramel with a banana chip on top. 

BANANA CHOCOLATE TOFFEE: Swirled in chocolate buttercream rolled in crush Heath Bar candy pieces drizzled with chocolate ganache and a banana chip on top.

Banana Cake filled with Mallo
Buttercream swirled with Chocolate
Buttercream more Mallo Chocolate
Ganache drizzle and a banana chip


BANANA SPLIT: Banana Cake filled with Strawberry
Buttercream swirled with Vanilla
Buttercream drizzled with Chocolate
Ganache and topped with a Cherry

Banana Cake swirled with Strawberry

FUNKY MONKEY: Filled w/chocolate chunks & walnuts topped w/banana buttercream

​MONKEY BUSINESS: Filled w/peanut butter buttercream & topped w/chocolate & more peanut butter buttercream



COCONUT KEY LIME:  Filled w/coconut cream & rimmed in key lime buttercream & shaved coconut

KEY LIME: Topped w/key lime buttercream & sprinkled w/graham cracker crumbs

MANGO KEY LIME:  Filled w/mango buttercream & swirled with key lime buttercream

MARGARITA:  Topped w/lime zest buttercream

STRAWBEPRY MARGARITA:  Topped w/strawberry buttercream

PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE:  Topped w/cream cheese frosting

PUMPKIN MAPLE: Topped w/maple buttercream & drizzled in maple syrup

PUMPKIN PECAN CARAMEL TOFFEE:  Filled w/pecans topped w/cinnamon buttercream & sprinkles with pecans, caramel & toffee bits

PUMPKIN RAISIN:  Filled with raisins  & topped w/cream cheese frosting

BLACK N WHITE: White cake with Chocolate ganache baked in the center swirled with Vanilla Buttercream rolled in crushed Oreos drizzled with Chocolate Ganache

BUBBLE GUM: Swirled with pink bubble gum buttercream with a gumball on top.

**FRENCH SILK: Filled with chocolate mouse, topped in mascarpone whipped cream & drizzled in chocolate ganache

WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY:  Swirled with raspberry buttercream with a white chocolate ganache drizzle.

WHITE CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY: Swirled with strawberry buttercream with a white chocolate ganache drizzle.

WHITE CHOCOLATE BLACKBERRY: Swirled with blackberry buttercream with a white chocolate ganache drizzle.

​WHITE CHOCOLATE TANGERINE TRUFFLE: Filled with tangerine buttercream, dipped in white chocolate ganache with a swirl of tangerine buttercream on top.

​WHITE ORANGE  TRUFFLE: Filled with orange buttercream, dipped in white chocolate ganache with a swirl of orange buttercream on top.


OLD FASHIONED VAILLA SPICE:  Vanilla Buttercream and sprinkle w/cinnamon sugar

SPICED APPLE CIDER:  Topped in apple cider buttercream garnished w/a cinnamon stick

SPICED CARAMEL APPLE CIDER:  Filled w/creamy caramel frosted in apple cider buttercream drizzled w/caramel

SPICED MAPLE APPLE RAISIN: Raisins folded into batter & topped w/cinnamon buttercream

BRIDES: Almond cake swirled with Almond Buttercream
sprinkled with glitter and edible pearls

CHOCOLATE LOVER: Chocolate cake topped w/chocolate buttercream.

*SOUTHERN CHARM RED VELVET: Our special buttermilk red velvet cake topped in cream cheese buttercream.

ALMOND JOY: Swirled with vanilla buttercream rolled in coconut flakes topped with almond slivers & drizzled with ganache.

BAILEY'S: filled with Bailey's Buttercream swirled with Chocolate Buttercream drizzled with Chocolate Ganache

BLACK FOREST: Filled with cherry compote swirled with vanilla buttercream and a dollop of cherry in the middle drizzled in chocolate ganache.

BAILEY'S TRUFFLE: filled with Bailey's Buttercream dipped Chocolate Ganache swirl of Bailey's on top
Chocolate Ganache drizzle

CHERRY CORDIAL: Filled w/cherry compote, swirled in chocolate buttercream with more raspberry in the middle

CHOCOLATE ALMOND: Topped w/almond buttercream

**CHOCOLATE CARAMEL PRETZEL: Topped with vanilla buttercream rolled in crushed pretzels, drizzled with caramel & ganache

**CHOCOLATE CASSADA: Filled with Bavarian cream topped ringed with vanilla buttercream & fresh strawberries .

CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE: Filled w/chocolate Bavarian cream, rimmed w/vanilla buttercream & ganache Chocolate Covered Strawberry:  Topped w/fresh strawberry buttercream

CHOCOLATE MALLOW: Filled w/marshmallow buttercream swirled in chocolate and marshmallow buttercream

CHOCO-NILLA:  Topped w/vanilla buttercream

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY: Topped with raspberry buttercream

**CRUELLA: 1/2  Chocolate & 1/2 white cake topped with both chocolate & vanilla buttercream

GERMAN CHOCOLATE:  Topped with our special coconut pecan German chocolate frosting drizzled with chocolate ganache

ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATE CHIPS:  Chocolate cake with chocolate chips folded in the batter topped in chocolate buttercream with more chocolate chips on top

PEANUT BUTTER DREAM: Filled w/peanut butter buttercream topped with chocolate & peanut butter buttercream 

**CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH: Topped w/peanut butter buttercream rolled in crushed pretzels and a chocolate ganache drizzle

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY MALLOW: Filled with marshmallow buttercream, topped in chocolate buttercream with raspberry compote in the center.

CHOCOLATE TANGERINE TRUFFLE: Filled with tangerine buttercream, dipped in chocolate ganache with more tangerine buttercream on top.

DIRT: Filled with chocolate pudding, topped with vanilla buttercream & rolled in crushed Oreo cookie crumbs.

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: Chocolate chips folded in the batter, filled with chocolate buttercream, dipped in chocolate ganache, & drizzled in ganache with chocolate chips on top.

ESPRESSO MADNESS: Filled with espresso buttercream & topped in both espresso and chocolate buttercream.

HEATH: Topped in chocolate buttercream & rolled in chopped Heath Bar candy pieces drizzled with ganache .

**LAVA: Baked with a ganache ball inside then dipped in ganache & sprinkled with powdered sugar .

MEGHAN'S MINT: Filled with mint buttercream, topped in both mint and chocolate buttercream, drizzled in chocolate ganache.

NEAPOLITAN: Filled with vanilla buttercream & topped in strawberry buttercream, drizzled with ganache & a cherry on top.

ROLO: Filled with dulcé de leché caramel, dippped in chocolate ganache with a caramel drizzle.

PEANUT BUTTER CUP:  Topped in peanut butter buttercream dipped in hard shell chocolate.

PEPPERMINT PATTIE:  Filled with peppermint buttercream & dipped in chocolate ganache, swirled with peppermint buttercream

SAMOA: Topped with vanilla buttercream rolled in toasted coconut drizzled in caramel ganache drizzle.

SALTED CARAMEL: Filled with dulcé de leché, dipped in chocolate ganache, drizzled with caramel  & sprinkled with sea salt

SWIRLS: Filled with marshmallow buttercream, dipped in chocolate ganache with a "swirl" on top.

TURTLE: Topped with vanilla buttercream, rolled in pecans, drizzled with caramel & ganache.
11 to 6*
11 to 4*  
* or Sell Out

​Sunday's and Holidays


*CARROT CAKE: Full of pineapple & pecans topped w/cream cheese buttercream & pecans

*TIRAMISU: Espresso cake filled w/espresso buttercream topped w/mascarpone frosting & dusted in cocoa powder

BUTTER PECAN: Butter Pecan Cake topped with Butter
Pecan Buttercream with a sprinkle of
Pecan pieces


LEMON: Topped w/lemon buttercream

LEMON COCONUT: Topped w/coconut buttercream rolled in coconut

LEMON LIME: Topped w/lime buttercream

LEMON BLUEBERRY: Filled w/blueberry filling topped w/lemon buttercream & fresh blueberries

RASPBERRY COVERED LEMON: Topped w/fresh raspberry buttercream

ALMOND AND CHOCOLATE:  Topped with chocolate buttercream 

RASPBERRY BRIDES: Topped with raspberry buttercream

STRAWBERRY BRIDES: Topped with strawberry buttercream

BLACKBERRY BRIDES: Topped with blackberry buttercream.

Our Signature Almond Cake filled with
Cherry compote swirled with Almond
Buttercream more Cherry compote in the middle

ALMOND RASPBERRY: Filled with raspberry compote swirled with almond buttercream with more raspberry compote in the middle. 


**DAWG: 1/2 Chocolate & 1/2 orange dream cake topped with both chocolate & orange buttercream

CREAMSICLE: swirled in vanilla buttercream.

INSIDE OUT CREAMSICLE: Filled with vanille buttercream swirled with orange and vanilla buttercream.