COCONUT KEY LIME:  Filled w/coconut cream & rimmed in key lime buttercream & shaved coconut

KEY LIME: Topped w/key lime buttercream & sprinkled w/graham cracker crumbs

MANGO KEY LIME:  Filled w/mango buttercream & swirled with key lime buttercream

MARGARITA:  Topped w/lime zest buttercream

STRAWBEPRY MARGARITA:  Topped w/strawberry buttercream

BOSTON CREAM:  Filled w/Bavarian cream & topped w/chocolate ganache

BUTTERFINGER:  Topped w/peanut butter buttercream & rolled in crushed butterfingers pieces & chocolate ganache

**CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH:  Cake w/chocolate chip cookie baked inside & topped w/vanilla buttercream & a cookie on top

CHOCOLATE COVERED TWINK-EE:  Filled w/marshmallow & topped w/chocolate buttercream & more mallow

**CONFECTIONARY'S CASSADA: Filled w/Bavarian cream & toped w/fresh strawberries & vanilla buttercream Celebration: Topped in orange almond buttercream

JUST NILLA:  Topped w/vanilla buttercream & sprinkles

NILLA CHOCOLATE CHIO:  Filled w/chocolate chips & topped w/vanilla buttercream

NILLA & CHOCOLATE  Topped w/chocolate buttercream & sprinkles .

**PEACHY KEEN CASSADA: Filled w/Bavarian cream topped w/ring of vanilla buttercream & fresh peach compote

**PEANUT BUTTER EXSPLOSION: Topped w/chopped peanut butter cups &  chocolate ganache + more peanut butter cups

POLKA DOTS:  Topped w/vanilla buttercream & rolled in mini M&Ms

SUGAR COOKIE: Topped w/sugar cookie buttercream & a decorated sugar cookie

BRIDES: Almond cake topped w/almond buttercream

CHOCOLATE LOVER: Chocolate cake topped w/chocolate buttercream

COOKIES & CREAM:  Topped w/vanilla buttercream

**OREO OVERLOAD: Baked over an Oreo cookie, topped w/vanilla buttercream & cookie crumbs

PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOM: Filled w/chocolate buttercream & topped w/peanut butter buttercream .

**PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY:  Filled with grape or strawberry jelly & topped w/peanut butter buttercream Peanut Butter’n Chocolate: Topped w/chocolate buttercream

PERFECTLY PEANUT BUTTER:  Topped w/peanut butter buttercream

ALMOND JOY: Topped w/vanilla buttercream rolled in coconut & drizzled w/ganache

CHERRY CORDIAL: Filled w/cherry compote covered w/chocolate ganache

CHOCOLATE ALMOND: Topped w/almond buttercream

**CHOCOLATE CARAMEL PRETZEL: Topped w/caramel buttercream layered in crushed pretzels drizzled w/caramel & ganache

**CHOCOLATE CASSADA: Filled w/Bavarian cream topped ringed w/vanilla buttercream & fresh strawberries . Chocolate Cheesecake: Filled w/cheesecake mousse topped w/cream cheese drizzled w/ganache

CHOCOLATE CHERRY:  Chocolate cherry cake topped w/chocolate buttercream & topped with a cherry . Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake:  Chocolate cherry cake topped w/vanilla bean cream cheese & chocolate ganache & a cherry

CHOCOLATE COCONUT: Topped w/coconut buttercream & coconut flakes

CHOCOLATE COCONUT MACAROON: Coconut macaroon cookie baked inside & covered w/chocolate buttercream

**CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE: Filled w/chocolate Bavarian cream, rimmed w/vanilla buttercream & ganache Chocolate Covered Strawberry:  Topped w/fresh strawberry buttercream

CHOCOLATE MALLOW: Filled w/marshmallow cream topped w/chocolate buttercream & mallow

CHOCO-NILLA:  Topped w/vanilla buttercream

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY: Topped w/raspberry butter cream & drizzled w/chocolate ganache

**CRUELLA: 1/2  Chocolate & 1/2 white chocolate topped w/chocolate & vanilla buttercream

GERMAN CHOCOLATE:  Topped w/our special coconut pecan icing & more pecans

ITS ALL ABOUT THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS:  Filled w/chocolate chips topped w/chocolate buttercream & then more chocolate chips

**THE CLEVELAND DAWG: 1/2 Chocolate & 1/2 orange dream topped w/chocolate & orange buttercream Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream: Filled w/peanut butter buttercream topped w/chocolate & peanut butter buttercream 

**CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH: Topped w/peanut butter buttercream rolled in crushed pretzels & hard chocolate

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY: Filled w/raspberry buttercream topped w/chocolate buttercream

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY MALLOW: Filled w/marshmallow & raspberry topped in chocolate buttercream, raspberry & mallow cream

CHOCOLATE TANGERINE: Topped w/Tangerine buttercream

DIRT: Filled w/chocolate Bavarian, topped w/vanilla buttercream & rolled in crushed Oreo cookies

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: Chips in the batter, filled & topped w/chocolate buttercream & drizzled in ganache Espresso Madness: Filled w/espresso buttercream & topped w/chocolate buttercream.

HALF BAKED: Baked w/chocolate chunk cookie in center & topped w/chocolate buttercream & a cookie

HEATH BAER: Topped w/chocolate buttercream & rolled in heath bar & drizzled w/ganache .

**LAVA: Baked with a ganache ball inside then dipped in ganache & sprinkle w/powdered sugar .

MEGHAN'S MINT: Filled w/mint buttercream & topped w/chocolate buttercream

MUDSLIDE: Filled w/ Bailey’s buttercream topped w/kailua whipped cream

NEAPOLITAN: Filled w/vanilla buttercream & topped in strawberry buttercream, drizzled w/ganache & a cherry on top

ROLO: Filled w/caramel topped in silky cream cheese buttercream

PEANUT BUTTER CUP:  Topped in peanut butter buttercream & a peanut butter cup

PEPPERMINT PATTY:  Filled w/mint buttercream & dipped in chocolate ganache

SAMOA: Topped w/vanilla buttercream rolled in toasted coconut w/caramel & ganache drizzle

SALTED CARAMEL: Filled w/dolce de leche & covered in chocolate ganache & sprinkled w/sea salt

SWIRLS Filled w/mallow cream & dipped in chocolate ganache .

**TURTLE: Topped w/caramel buttercream rolled in pecans, drizzled w/caramel & a dollop of ganache



PEPPERMINT STICK: Crushed candy canes added to tope of peppermint buttercream

LEMONADE: Cake w/lemonade topped in lemon buttercream

PINEAPPLE:  Filled with pineapple & topped w/pineapple buttercream

WHITE CHOCOLATE: Chocolate pudding folded into this cake topped w/chocolate buttercream

PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE:  Topped w/cream cheese frosting

PUMPKIN MAPLE: Topped w/maple buttercream & drizzled in maple syrup

PUMPKIN PECAN CARAMEL TOFFEE:  Filled w/pecans topped w/cinnamon buttercream & sprinkles with pecans, caramel & toffee bits

PUMPKIN RAISIN:  Filled with raisins  & topped w/cream cheese frosting

BUBBLE GUM: Topped in pink bubble gum buttercream

**FRENCH SILK: Filled w/chocolate mouse, rimmed in mascarpone topping & chocolate shavings

WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA: White chocolate pieces & macadamia nuts in batter & topped w/vanilla buttercream  & topped w/toasted coconut & macadamia nuts

WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY:  Filled w/raspberry buttercream & rimmed w/chocolate buttercream

WHITE CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY: White chocolate pudding folded into our white cake then topped w/strawberry buttercream 


BANANAS: Mixed w/fresh bananas & topped in banana buttercream

BANANA BREAD PUDDING:  Chocolate chips baked in & filled w/vanilla bavarian topped w/ring of vanilla buttercream & more bavarian and pecans & chocolate chips .

**BANANAS FOSTER: Filled w/caramel topped w/ring of cinnamon buttercream & vanilla buttercream

BANANA MALLOW: Filled w/mallow cream topped w/chocolate butter & more mallow

BANANA SPLIT: Filled w/strawberry buttercream & topped w/vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache & a cherry on top

BANANA STRAWBERRY: Topped w/strawberry buttercream . Chocolate Covered Banana: Topped w/chocolate buttercream

FUNKY MONKEY: Filled w/chocolate chunks & walnuts topped w/banana buttercream

​MMONKEY BUSINESS: Filled w/peanut butter buttercream & topped w/chocolate & more peanut butter buttercream

COCONUT:  Filled with coconut in the batter & topped w/vanilla buttercream & coconut flakes

**COCONUT CREAM PIE:  Filled w/coconut cream filling topped w/mascarpone buttercream & sprinkled w/toasted coconut

COCONUT MANGO: Filled w/mango buttercream & topped w/coconut buttercream

COCONUT RASPBERRY:  Filled w/raspberry compote & topped w/vanilla buttercream & sprinkled w/coconut

COCONUT RASPBERRY MALLOW:  Filled w/mallow & raspberry filling & topped w/vanilla buttercream & topped w/coconut, mallow & raspberry

CHOCOLATE COVERED COCONUT: Topped w/chocolate buttercream rolled in coconut

PINA COLADA: Pineapple folded in coconut cake & topped w/coconut pineapple rum buttercreamRaspberry Covered Coconut:  Topped w/raspberry buttercream & coconut

**APPLE PIE ALA MODE: Filled w/apple compote topped w/vanilla buttercream

**CINNAMON MAPLE BACON: Infused with maple syrup & topped w/maple buttercream & bacon crumbles Cinnamon Maple French Toast: Infused with maple syrup & topped w/maple buttercream & maple syrup .

**CINNAMON PECAN ROLL: Layers of cinnamon & pecans topped w/vanilla buttercream

FRENCH TOAST Topped w/cinnamon buttercream drizzled in maple syrup

SNICKERDOODLE: Topped w/cinnamon buttercream & a coat of cinnamon sugar

Monday - Friday
11:00 to 6:00 **


11:00 to 5:00 **  

** Or Sell Out​


LEMON: Topped w/lemon buttercream

LEMON COCONUT: Topped w/coconut buttercream rolled in coconut

LEMON LIME: Topped w/lime buttercream

LEMON BLUEBERRY: Filled w/blueberry filling topped w/lemon buttercream & fresh blueberries

RASPBERRY COVERED LEMON: Topped w/fresh raspberry buttercream

ALMOND AND CHOCOLATE:  Topped w/chocolate buttercream 

RASPBERRY COVERED BRIDES: Topped w/raspberry buttercream

STRAWBERRY COVERED BRIDES: Topped w/strawberry buttercream

*CARROT CAKE: Full of pineapple & pecans topped w/cream cheese buttercream & pecans

CREAMSICLE: Orange cake w/vanilla buttercream

MIMOSA: Champagne cake topped w/orange buttercream

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP:  Mint cake loaded w/chocolate chips & topped w/chocolate buttercream

PETAL CAKE:  Orange almond cake topped w/orange almond buttercream

RED VELVET:  Southern red velvet topped w/vanilla buttercream cheese

*TIRAMISU: Espresso cake filled w/espresso buttercream topped w/mascarpone frosting & dusted in cocoa powder

BUTTER PECAN: butter pecan cake filled w/pecans topped w/butter pecan buttercream & crushed pecans 

BAILEY'S: baileys cake topped w/Bailey’s buttercream 


OLD FASHIONED VAILLA SPICE:  Vanilla Buttercream and sprinkle w/cinnamon sugar

SPICED APPLE CIDER:  Topped in apple cider buttercream garnished w/a cinnamon stick

SPICED CARAMEL APPLE CIDER:  Filled w/creamy caramel frosted in apple cider buttercream drizzled w/caramel

SPICED MAPLE APPLE RAISIN: Raisins folded into batter & topped w/cinnamon buttercream
11 to 6*
11 to 4*  
* or Sell Out

We continually make changes to our menu, so this is a good example of what we make but it is not a total listing.  Many of our cupcakes are seasonal. Any cupcake flavor can be exchanged for a cake flavor as well.
E-mail or call if you have questions about which ones are seasonal.

 *Need Refrigeration 
*Cannot be made in petite versions.